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Master the Art of Instagram: #Best Instagram Hashtag Generator

In a world where virtual presence has gained immense popularity, among all the popular social media platforms, Instagram is at the top-most. Instagram with billions of active users who engage with the platform every day, has influenced its importance among the people, allowing them to become a content creator and build their own online presence. From sharing about your day, to setting up your business, Instagram offers a wide range of features just like its Instagram Hashtags. To shine on Instagram, Hashtags are the best way to do so. Instagram Hashtags are a key to spread your online presence over the platform, know the people around you who are same minded as you, and to guarantee that your content reaches the right people on Instagram. With millions of hashtags, you can find a perfect community that suits you and your profession. You can get the trendiest Instagram Hashtags for your posts, profile, reels or stories with just a few steps using Repixify's Instagram Hashtag Generator tool. Read the article further to know more about this tool.

What is an Instagram Hashtag Generator?

Instagram Hashtags are the tags that keep your similar posts organized with similar topics on Instagram. They are just keywords that are used more frequently, except that it starts with a hashtag symbol '#'. Instagram Hashtags help to label all the similar content and group posts based on the common themes used, or the topics. Instagram Hashtags help in making your posts, stories, reels or your profile more discoverable to the people who are looking for the same topic or same class of content. Similar Instagram Hashtags being more discoverable, help in facilitating more engagement by connecting you with similar interested people helping to grow a particular community. Also, with Instagram Hashtags, it is very much easier to search, share or interact with the type of content you want to explore.

It is not easy to find suitable as well as trendy hashtags for your posts, reels, stories, bio, or comments. Also, it is important to use trendy hashtags to make your content more visible and more reachable to others. For this purpose, our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool comes to rescue. Our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool takes all the burden and guesswork of your hashtags by automating the process of finding the most relevant and trendy hashtags for your content. With our Instagram Hashtag Generator, you can give the content for which you want to generate hashtags for, and our tool will analyze the trends, and popularity and generate a perfect number of hashtags that are suitable for your posts. Not sure about how to use our tool? Check out our article further to get answers to all your doubts.

How to generate Instagram Hashtags using Repixify's free tool?

Using our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool is very easy and fast. You can get many number of hashtags in just a few seconds, and that too with few details about your content. Follow the steps further to generate Hashtags for your posts.

Describe or paste your Content:

In the textbox provided, you can either describe your content or paste the content for which you want to generate hashtags for. The content can be anything including your posts, your stories, reels or even your Instagram Bio. Hashtags can be included in any of your content. This description will help our tool to know about the trendy hashtags that are suitable for your content.

Choose Number of Hashtags:

From the dropdown provided, you can choose the number of hashtags you want to generate. You can get options from 3, 5, 7 and 10. The recommended value of number of hashtags is 5. Try to include only 3 to 5 hashtags in your post content to encourage more searchability. Also, select the hashtags properly that you think are more suitable for your content.

Click on 'Generate Hashtag' Button:

After you select the number of hashtags, you can click on the 'Generate Hashtag' button for our tool to start generating hashtags for you. Firstly, our tool will analyze the description you provided, and based on that it will find the most trendy hashtags for your content. The process may take few seconds based on the difficulty of your content.

Copy Hashtags

Once your required hashtags are generated by our tool, you can simply copy the hashtags by clicking on the Copy icon. You can then paste these hashtags in your posts, stories, reels or bio by going to your Instagram account.

Technology behind Repixify's Instagram Hashtag Generator

Our Instagram Hashtag Generator makes use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to generate the most trendy and suitable hashtags for your Instagram post or reels or stories or your bio, as per your input description. Our Instagram Hashtag Generator uses Google Gemini's Generative text based model. Gemini's AI models have been trained on vast amount of text data to understand and mimic human language generation and understanding. The model understands the inputs that are given by you like the keywords, description about your posts or your brand and selection of the number of hashtags. Once your inputs are well understood by the model, Gemini first analyze the latest trending hashtags that can match your posts or any other content and based on the popularity it will generate relevant hashtags for your posts. Due to its ability to analyze the most recent hashtags and also keeping it updated with latest trends, we have made use of this model in our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool.

How to get More Likes and Increase Followers on Instagram with Popular Hashtags?

Wondering how you can convince more people to follow you or increase your likes and following count? The simplest answer is to use our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool. Here is how you can best use our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool in order to get yourself more popular:

1. Using related keywords to describe your content:

It's the first and most important thing whenever you want our tool to generate trendy and related hashtags for your posts or reels or stories or bios. Use proper words to describe about your content like your post, story, reel, or bio. Proper and brief description of your content make it easy for our tool to generate the best and the most trendy hashtags.

2. Use both Popular and niche hashtags simultaneously:

When selecting hashtags, it should be taken care that you select those hashtags that are both popular as well as niche. Including both kinds of hashtags has its own single-handed benefits. Popular hashtags help in increasing the visibility to a larger number of people, whereas niche hashtags help in connecting with the people who are really interested in your content or similar.

3. Use the recommended number of Hashtags:

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for each of your posts. But for good reach and authenticity, it is recommended to use about 5 to 10 hashtags for your posts, 3 to 5 hashtags for your story or reels, and a maximum of 5 hashtags for your bios. Including more hashtags may look spammy resulting in less visibility and hinderance of authenticity.

4. Actively engage with the same Hashtags community:

While our tool handles the generation of trendy hashtags for you, it is advised for you to stay updated with the hashtag community. Don't just use the hashtags in your posts, instead try engaging actively with the communities surrounding those hashtags. You can engage by liking and commenting on the posts that use the same hashtags as yours, also you can follow the users who use that hashtags, and also participate in such conversations made by the Hashtag Community.

5. Put your hashtags at the end of your post:

It is one of the best practices to put your hashtags at the end of the post. It is highly recommended as it encourages accessibility to your posts or reels. You always include your caption on top of the post description. The captions are then followed by hashtags. Including hashtags on top of the post will decrease the read of the post as the attractive content won't be visible unless the user clicks on the 'Read more…' option.

Why choose Repixify's Instagram Hashtag Generator for generating Hashtags?

You should choose our Instagram Hashtag Generator for generating the most trendy hashtags. Our tool generates the most trending hashtags as it uses Gemini's AI which is updated frequently with the latest data. Here are more reasons why you should use our Instagram Hashtag Generator:

1. Our tool is user-friendly:

We have designed our tool to be a user-friendly and also interactive, hence making it easily accessible to the users having any of the skill level. It is helpful even if you are just a beginner to Instagram and its components, or you are looking to master your online presence on Instagram. With our tool you can easily navigate and with just few inputs you can generate the hashtags for your posts, reels, stories or bios.

2. Save your precious time and Effort:

Our tool helps in saving your time and efforts in researching about the most trendiest hashtags that are popular that time. By keeping itself updated, our tool is already known to have the knowledge about the popular hashtags on Instagram. Hence, you do not need to search about a trendy hashtags nor you have to think about which hashtags you can include in your posts.

3. Increase your engagement and popularity:

Our tool generates the latest and trendiest hashtags for your post content, which eventually helps in increasing your engagement, visibility and popularity on Instagram. Other users can find your posts just by searching for the hashtags related to the theme or topic that relates your post more accurately.

4. Completely free to use:

Being so much useful for you, our Instagram Hashtag Generator is 100% free to use. It does not charge you for generating hashtags for your posts, reels, stories or bio. You don't even need to create an account for using our tool.


Instagram Hashtags are very important to connect with similar interested people and find the topics or theme that interests you. It is really good to include the hashtags to help others to search for your profile or your post content, increasing visibility and enhancing engagement with your profile. Our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool is a very helpful tool to generate the most trendiest hashtags for your posts. It saves you lots of time and effort in researching about the popular hashtags and then using them for your posts. You can generate any number of hashtags for your posts in very less amount of time, mostly in seconds. Also, our Instagram Hashtag Generator is an easy-to-use tool, so anyone can try it. With our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool, you can increase your likes count, followers, and make your Instagram profile and its post content more engaging and popular.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why is the Instagram Hashtag Generator free?

Repixify's Instagram Hashtag Generator is completely free for everyone. We wanted that our tool must be accessible to everyone anytime.

Q2: How do I use hashtags on Instagram?

To use hashtags on Instagram, simply include the '#' symbol followed by a keyword or phrase in your caption or comments. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram. Make sure to use relevant and trending hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts and attract more followers.

Q3: How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

As mentioned above in the article, Instagram offers up to 30 hashtags for each post. But it is recommended to use only 5 to 10 hashtags, so that the post does not look spammy or non-authentic.

Q4: How do I find trending hashtags on Instagram?

You can find trending hashtags on Instagram by exploring the 'Explore' tab, following popular accounts in your niche, and using Instagram analytics tools. You can also use our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool to generate relevant and trending hashtags for your posts in a matter of seconds.

Q5: How do I create my own hashtags on Instagram?

To create your own hashtags for your posts, reels, stories or bios on Instagram, you can try using our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool. Our tool helps in creating hashtags that are more relevant to your content. Hashtag Generator for Instagram

Q6: How do I know if my hashtags are working on Instagram?

Whenever you post any hashtags in your Instagram post, or any other content, you can track the performance of your hashtags on Instagram by monitoring the engagement metrics of that posts, such as likes, comments, and shares. You can also use Instagram analytics tools to analyze the reach and impressions of your hashtags and adjust your strategy to optimize your results.

Q7: Where can I use hashtags on Instagram?

You can use hashtags on Instagram in various places on the platform, including your posts, captions, comments, bio, stories, as well as reels. You can use our Instagram Hashtag Generator tool to generate hashtags and then add your hashtags in your post or any other content.

Q8: Do Hashtags still work on Instagram?

Yes, as of now you can still include hashtags in your Instagram posts, reels, stories or bios. Using proper Instagram Hashtags in your social media posts helps in reaching more audience.

Q9: What type of hashtags should you use in your Instagram?

The types of hashtags that you can use are: your brand named hashtags, the hashtags that are relevant to your industry or your niche, Location-based hashtags, Community hashtags, content-specific hashtags, Emotion-based Hashtags, etc.

Q10: How to add trending hashtags on Instagram post?

You can add our generated hashtags to your Instagram posts by: 1) Capture or select the photo or video to upload. 2) Choose to add a filter for your photo or trim your video, then click NEXT. 3) Click 'Write a caption...' and type '#' followed by text or emoji or you can also paste the generated hashtags. 4) Click on 'Share' button.